Why So Many Virtuosos Insist On Bosendorfer Pianos

When you think of the greatest pianists in history, names like Mozart and Liszt probably come to mind. Similarly, when you think of the best pianos in the world, names like Steinway and Yamaha probably spring to mind.

However, there’s another name that should be added to that list: Bosendorfer. What makes Bosendorfers so special? Why are these instruments so highly prized by virtuosos around the world? These questions have been asked by many aspiring pianists over the years – and this article is here to answer them!

Bosendorfer Pianos Are Considered Some Of The Most Elite

Bosendorfer pianos are considered some of the most elite and sought-after instruments in the world. They have been prized for their rich tone and elegance since 1828 when Franz Anton Bosendorfer began making them by hand in Vienna.

It is known for its responsiveness–it can be played at any dynamic level with equal ease and sensitivity–and it has a unique tonal character that lends itself well to both classical music and jazz genres alike. This makes them great choices for professional pianists who want an instrument they can rely on night after night without fail, no matter what type of music they’re playing or how demanding their schedule may be.

Bosendorfer Pianos Are Sought After By Many Virtuosos

Bosendorfer pianos are among the most valued in the world. Some of the world’s best pianists use these pianos, including Lang Lang, and Garrick Ohlsson. These instruments have been sought after by virtuosos for years due to their rich tone and elegance.

It’s Impossible To Overstate How Much The World’s Top Pianists Love Their Bosendorfer Pianos

To understand why so many virtuosos insist on Bosendorder pianos, it’s important to understand that these instruments are considered some of the most elite and sought-after instruments in the world. While there are other high-quality pianos available, Bosendorfer grand piano is unique because it offers a unique combination of rich tone, elegant design, and expert craftsmanship not found anywhere else.

The result is an instrument that sounds beautiful from any angle–and one that can be heard by anyone with ears (or eyes).

The Best Way To Appreciate A Bosendorfer Is To Try One Out Yourself!

The best way to appreciate a Bosendorfer grand piano is to try one out yourself! Visit a local dealer, play for as long as you like, and ask questions about what makes Bosendorder pianos so special. Most dealers will be happy to let you sit down at their piano for as long as it takes for you to make up your mind about whether or not this instrument is right for you.


Hope this article has given you a glimpse into why so many virtuosos insist on Bosendorfer pianos. With its powerful sound, the Bosendorfer Imperial Grand is a workhorse of a piano – it can be heard in concert halls all over the globe. It’s impossible to overstate how much the world’s top pianists love their Bosendorfers!